Thank Goodness for Spring Break!

imagesBy Shannon Bentley — I’m an alumna of Milwaukee Public schools. And I recall that nothing was better than waiting for Spring Break to appear around the corner.

I became anxious, and anticipated the likely things that I would do during break with my family or friends. My favorite thing in the world to do was go to Wisconsin Dells and enjoy swimming in the resort as my mom relaxed by the pool either reading a book or taking a nap. Spring break was an exhilarating moment as a child and teenager, because I was able to take a break from my teachers and the schoolwork that exhausted my life.

Spring Break was only a week long, but when you are younger, you learn to make use of the time off that you’re offered. My emotions would go from low to high in a split second and all I wanted to do was have the best fun ever. Even though I went to college, the spring breaks still continued with adventurous fun with my best friends and working a part-time job to make some money on the side. No matter what – Spring break was the moment to live life to the fullest.

Now that I am older and a student teacher, I realized one thing – I was STILL excited for spring break to come! It had nothing to do with what I was going to do over break, because I noticed that I am over the essential partying or going out of town. Spring break is the best way to take a break from my students and begin new when we return. Staying in school begins to frustrate students and they too become anxious to take a break. School requires a lot from their students like state mandated testing, regular classwork, and extracurricular activities. Students aren’t able to be themselves until the day before Good Friday approaches. Therefore, everyone experiences that anxiety from students and hopes that their breaks will bring new and fresh attitudes.

Nonetheless, I still want to continue to enjoy myself. Teaching is hard work that deserves a 24/5 commitment for a great number of students. I am a dedicated teacher, however, teachers have to have fun too right? We are human and need to make use of the break as well, so that we can continue to be strong for the students whom we serve to teach.

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