Staying Sharp This Summer

Bokeh-Bible-6-900By Aubrey Murtha – Friends, it’s summertime!

The painful Wisconsin winter is over, and we survived to tell the tale. Sophomore year at Marquette was a great one, but I will enjoy these few months off. As tempting as it is to host a massive bonfire and burn all of my school papers from the past year, I realize that summer isn’t about ditching all things academic.

It is typical Aubrey Murtha fashion to finish up the school year strong and then completely check out from anything intellectually stimulating for three months. This year, though, I am trying a few things to be sure that I exercise my brain throughout the long months of summer.

Do you have any suggestions to add to the list?

  1. Painting: Okay, so it’s not really academic, but painting is a mentally stimulating activity. Not only does it give me a chance to utilize my creative abilities, but it also keeps me away from screens and focused on making something beautiful.
  2. Reading: I’m not the best at joy reading because, sadly, reading often feels like a chore. I do SO much reading for my classes during the school year that I usually feel the urge to abandon books for the summer. However, this summer I am making it a goal to befriend books. After all, I am going to be an English teacher, and I really should embrace the same passion for reading that I hope to instill in my students.
  3. Writing: This summer I am working on two ongoing writing projects. The first of these is my blogging position for the MU Educator. The second is an article that I am composing with one of my professors and several peers (we are hoping to eventually submit it to a journal for publication!). These writing projects are the perfect way to stay sharp throughout the summer, especially because the process mirrors my academic writing process. Thus, summer projects make writing my first paper in the fall a bit easier because I haven’t forgotten my routine.

So how about you?  How will you keep your brain active and your mind ticking throughout the summer?

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