Vacation Is All I Ever Wanted

tumblr_mpdwq0DiwC1s8y1hoo1_500_largeBy Shannon Bentley – Hey readers! It has been two weeks since I made my last post, and many events have happened since then.

Scott Walker has announced his candidacy for President of the United States, the USA female soccer team won their championship match, and the homicide rates continue to rise in Milwaukee and Chicago. However, I have been able to ignore all of these events, enjoy my life in the sun, and reflect on life itself.

My mother and I decided to go on an adventure and take a cruise to the Bahamas. The trip was better when we decided to make it into a road trip to Cape Canaveral from Milwaukee instead of taking the airplane.

Well, it has been awesome so far.

The weather is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the food is decent (I can cook better lol). However, the most interesting part about the trip is meeting new people from different parts of the country. I have gotten some perspectives on certain topics in the first paragraph and it is interesting to hear what people from the outside think about when it comes to your own hometown. In fact, I had an amazing conversation with a Chicago native and Houston natives about education.

Before we left for our vacation, I noticed that I got into a very habitual schedule where my life only consisted of work, school, and occasional visits to my friends and family. When the 4th of July passed, I realized that I did nothing to spend time with others, or have any fun – I literally worked the entire day between two jobs. My schedule became overwhelming and frustrating – I wasn’t happy going to work, I had to rely on others to make me smile and happy, and the more I worked the more I realized that my money was going into finances more than fun.

The cruise to Bahamas changed a lot of this stress.

I wasn’t worried about any major news events, I wasn’t worried about a heavy work load, and I wasn’t even worried about my bills (they were paid off before I left). I was worried about what I wanted to wear, what kind of makeup I wanted to put on, and what I wanted to eat that day. I got a pedicure, and I went dancing. I heard a lot of shows ranging from Motown, to 80’s, to current top 100 billboard music. I had amazing conversations with people that weren’t overheated. It was an awesome feeling. My mother did the same and she even got a ton of sleep on the cruise, as well.

All in all, everyone needs to take a vacation every once in a while. We must spoil ourselves and treat ourselves to the finer things in life. The stress overwhelmed me. I saw my temperament change and that I wasn’t having any fun. Nobody should live their life that way. I’m only 23 years old and like I stated in the previous post, I didn’t want to go into my career right away because I feel that I should be exploring, having fun, and volunteering.

I finally got the “having fun” part in my life – and volunteering for City Year is right around the corner.

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