Bringing Out a Child’s Potential: Priceless

46865c553f2c3a93f7595d0e92360448By Amanda Szramiak – Hi Everyone! Welcome back students, and welcome Class of 2019. You have a pretty awesome home for the next four years, and I am excited for you all to learn about your life passions. Go to class, do your homework, and remember to breathe when things start to get overwhelming.

I stumbled upon this video over the summer from Teaching Channel, and I put a note in my phone to remember to write a blog about it. The video is only three minutes, and I highly recommend it. I assume all future and current teachers have been asked ridiculous questions like, “You want to teach? You know there’s not money in teaching, right?” Taylor Mali explains his response to a friend when asked, “What do you make?”

I am not even a teacher yet, and I have had multiple conversations about how I am never going to find a job or make any money. Usually, I brush it off because a person devaluing my career choice says a lot more about them than any concern about my well-being. I truly cannot fathom questioning someone’s passion in life, but I’ll save that rant for another blog post. Quite frankly, if I were going into education for the money, I wouldn’t be going into education.

The frustrated teacher in the video defends himself explaining, “I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could.” I might not be making as much as YOU would like me too, but making a student feel smart is priceless. Making a student feel valuable and safe is something a high paying career could never replace. If I’m not worried about the amount of money I am going to be making, why are you?

Taylor also talks about calling home to tell a parent something positive a student did. He says, “I make parents see their children for who they are and who they can be.” I hope to make that happen, too. I hope to make my students see their greatest potentials. I hope to show students their dreams are possible, and I hope to help students get to those dreams.

There is not price tag on that.

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