Things You Should Know Your Freshman Year at MU


What they don’t tell you at orientation…

  • Maximize meal swipes:
    • Know when the dining halls open and close.
    • In some dining halls, it switches from breakfast to lunch at 11AM… if it’s 10:50 then RUN.
  • Use dining dollars! Those don’t carry over so DO NOT WASTE THEM.
  • Printwise gets deleted off the server after a certain amount of time, so our recommendation is to go get what you printed shortly after you print it.
  • You are not going to meet your future spouse at the Hoedown. In fact, the majority of the people that you meet at orientation you will only ever see in passing on your way to class.
  • Talk to everyone! College is a time to meet people everywhere.
  • ALWAYS leave your door open– that is the best way to make friends.
  • It gets really hot in McCormick even in the winter, so don’t bring an excessive amount of blankets because you will never be cold.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. In college, everyone is smart and talented.
  • You prepaid for gym access–USE IT.
  • Don’t over pack:
    • Don’t bring:
      • Books for “fun” reading. You will not have time.
      • Excessive dishes for food you want to make in your room. You do not have a kitchen.
      • Notes from high school. Use the internet.
    • Space is your greatest resource, so don’t waste it!
  • Marquette is small… trying to avoid people doesn’t work.
  • GO TO THE LIBRARY. It’s a great place to study especially in between classes.
  • Call your parents. You know you miss them.
  • JOIN SOMETHING! Make sure to go to O-Fest.
  • DO NOT take the elevator when it’s full to anywhere below the 4th People will become angry at you.
  • It’s okay to not have a major but always have a plan.
  • Know when to study but also know when to have fun.
  • College is a time to do what you want to do. Listen to others, but ultimately do what makes you the best version of yourself.
  • Learn to be alone. Sometimes you’ll eat alone, study alone and spend time alone. The sooner you accept it, the happier you’ll be.
  • Stop FOMO (fear of missing out). You can never do it all.
  • Take the bus! Grab some friends and take a fun trip down to the lakefront on the bus. The sooner you learn how to take it, the easier living in (and exploring) Milwaukee will be.
  • EXPLORE! Milwaukee is a great city. Try and see it all!
  • If you don’t make friends right away, don’t stress! You’ll meet people everywhere.
  • Give yourself time to adjust. You probably won’t love it right away. The more you adjust, the more you’ll fall in love with it.
  • Study abroad! Meet with someone now and make it happen.
  • Even if you don’t have class in the morning, still wake up!
  • Enjoy it because time flies!


Compiled by Hartman Center student workers.

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