Three of a Kind

Parker Blog pic twoBy Parker Lawson – Teachers have a certain energy about them—an unspoken energy that is almost indescribable. Whether you’re a future educator, a current educator, a retired educator, or even an educator and don’t know it yet, that energy radiates from the inside, out.

I am so proud to say that I live with two fellow Education Majors, who also emit this positive vibe. Without a College of Education Living-Learning Community, it’s almost as if fate created one for us! How did I become so lucky? Teachers–those are my kind of people! It’s that warm, welcoming, and caring personality that draws people to teachers–that feeling as if you’ve known them forever. If I had a dollar for every person that has come into our dorm room and said, “Wow, I can TOTALLY tell you’re all teachers,” let’s just say I’d spend a lot less time in the financial aid office.

Is it the way we dress? The way we speak? The way we work? What gives us that “teachery” personality? I’ve collected a few habits and customs that my roommates and I do, that would most definitely fall under “Yep, you’re a teacher!”

You know you and your roommates are education majors when…

1)You have puns and constant rhymes up your sleeves. As move-in day quickly approached, the girls and I brainstormed a list of things we could do in order to make friends on our floor. Without hesitation, we baked cookies and made a matching sign that read, “Grab a cookie to go, and come in to say hello!” Our cookies were put on a little bistro table outside of our dorm, and the hungry college students flocked to the 6th floor.

2) No one ever forgets the small details. Let’s just say every inch of our room is decorated. We constantly organize and re-organize!

3) You consider crafting a sport. From painting, to knitting, to fake flowers, and pom-poms, we’re a room full of Martha Stewarts. Pinterest is our middle names.

4) You write encouraging notes that don’t just brighten the recipient’s day, but your’s, as well. Instead of heading to bed early the night before classes started, we spent our night writing personalized notes to each room on our floor wishing them good luck on their first day of school!

5) It takes forever to decide where to eat for dinner.
“Where do you guys want to eat?”
“Wherever you want, I don’t care!”
“Neither do I!”
“Stop being so nice. Seriously, you choose!”
20 minutes later….
“Let’s just choose from a hat.”

6) Every day there’s a new fact on your welcome white board. One of my favorite teachers of all time wrote a daily historical fact, called “On this day” on the board. Each day, he would write an interesting event in history that occurred on that same day, many years ago. My roommates and I now write an “on this day” on our white board every morning. (Did you know that on this day in 1850, California was admitted as the 31st state of the United States?! Pretty interesting, huh?!) Sometimes teachers are unaware of the silly little things that their students pick up on, treasure, and remember forever!

7) You sign up for nearly EVERY service-oriented club at O-FEST. It’s true. Our inboxes are overflowing with service event emails. Soon, we won’t have to sign up to serve, as serving others will become our career.

8) You reward everyone with candy. Come say “hi,” and we’ll come up with icebreakers to encourage conversation while enjoying the candy of your choice. (Organized in cute little jars, of course!) Just call us Willy Wonkas and the dorm room The Chocolate Factory.

9) You get mad at the roommate who took the trash out without being asked. We’re all very generous and proactive girls, so when a job has to be done, we’ll do it without hesitation.
“Did you just take out the trash?”
“Yes, ten minutes ago.”
“WHY?! I told you not to! It’s my turn! Stop being so nice! I’m so mad at you!”Parker Blog pic one

10) You never stop talking about teaching. We’ve lived together for only two weeks now, and we all know where and whom each other wants to teach. A day doesn’t go by where we don’t talk about the special teachers who’ve made a difference in our lives, and how we can implement their unique and special ways of teaching into our dream classrooms one day.
There is no greater energy than the energy of a hard working, compassionate teacher, who, despite the naysayers, believes that their career is important and incomparable to any other. I am excited to share my space with amazing girls who are just as proud to be future educators as I am.

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