You Know You’re in Love with Your Field Placement When…

6276586123_7bfaf2c318_bBy Aubrey Murtha – You know you’re in love with your field placement when…

  1. You are bright-eyed when your alarm wakes you up at 6am for your morning placement. It’s 6am! Finally!
  2. You find yourself rehearsing your students’ names in your free time. Juanita, Paula, Rebecca, Julio, Inez, Ricardo…
  3. Everything you see, think, hear, touch, taste and smell gives you a brilliant idea for a lesson plan. How can I write a lesson plan about this cup of coffee?
  4. You actually ask your coop teacher what you can do to be more involved in the classroom. Can I teach the next ACT grammar lesson?
  5. You research things that you hear your students discussing in class in order to stay hip with the lingo of younger generations. Okay, I’ll remember to that mysterious term later.
  6. You work on learning another language and culture in order to better identify with your students. İHablo español!
  7. When you’re at the mall, you look longingly at the pantsuits and reading glasses at your mom’s favorite store. Mom, how do you like this charcoal gray against my skin tone?
  8. The title Ms. ____ or Mr. ____ excites you. You mean you’re actually referring to me as Ms. Murtha?  A seventeen year old is calling me Ms.? Did I just become an adult?
  9. You downloaded the Common Core app and typed a list of the Wisconsin Teaching Standards in the “Notes” tab on your phone. Hold on one second, let me just reference this app.
  10. You think of fun ways you can surprise your kids. Hmm…would they like cupcakes today?  Or is it more of a candy day?
  11. Come to think of it, you just realized you are now referring to your students as “my kids.” “Wait, Aubrey, since when do you have kids?”
  12. It’s fascinating to watch your professors teach. Oh, what an innovative way to address that learning objective.
  13. In fact, sometimes you want to teach your class because you think you could do a better job. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but maybe you can let me do your job today?
  14. If one of your kids is upset, you feel off. I wonder why she is acting out. Is she frustrated? Confused?  Is something going on at home? 
  15. The thought of graduating college becomes a lot less scary. You mean I graduate, and then I get to do this for the rest of my life? How’d I get so lucky?

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