A Sad Kindergartener on Halloween

pumpkin-312379_640By Parker Lawson – At this time of year, I love looking back at all the fun memories I had in the classroom as a kid.

Halloween especially was a time I could never forget. My elementary schools always went all out for Halloween. The teachers would decorate the classroom, and most of our curriculum had something to do with drawing pumpkins, writing about scarecrows, or counting ghosts.

Between the mummy wrapping contests, or the pumpkin beanbag toss, the Halloween parties were my favorite part of the school year. I loved it. Everything was so festive, and it made me even more excited to show off that Halloween costume I had been planning to show my friends for months. As I think of these fun times, a very distinct memory comes to mind…

I’ll never forget my kindergarten Halloween. Growing up with an older brother, I had always idolized him around Halloween time because I got to watch him in the all-school Halloween parade. I counted down the days until it was my time to walk around the school with all the classes and teachers dressed up to show the parents and siblings.

When my time finally came, I couldn’t have been more excited. I was in the morning half-day kindergarten class, and was itching to put my Snow White costume on that day. That morning, we were told to line up with our costumes on, and my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kellner, would lead us down to the parade. While walking, I envisioned all the students waving to their parents outside, as we would make our way around the entire school. As Mrs. Kellner began walking, I noticed her leading us into our school’s tiny multipurpose/cafeteria. At first, I thought “Oh… just a detour! Perhaps Mrs. Kellner is hungry and needs a snack before the parade!”

Unfortunately, this was not the case. Because we were the morning kindergarten class, our parade was not at the same time as the rest of the school’s afternoon parade. My little Snow White heart had been broken. I had never been so disappointed. All of my kindergarten friends were content with the little circular path we had walked while waving to the 5 or 6 parents that showed up, but my high expectations had me in tears.

I was so confused, and all my little kindergarten brain could think about was, “The administration just hates the kindergarteners! I’m a big girl now, and deserve to be with the big kids!”

As I went home with a crushed heart, I’ll never forget the tears that were shed because of that silly parade… and neither will my Mom.

But I’m over it now… sort of.

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