Some Internet Inspiration for the Mid-Semester Slump

wallpaper-inspire-inspirational-background-winter-scaled-659779-r---ibackgroundz.comBy Kelly Korek – It’s that time of year again. First quarters are ending, the students are starting to feel more comfortable pushing behavior boundaries, and Thanksgiving break seems to be an eternity away. Some of the teachers at my school are clearly suffering from the mid-semester slump, something that I think is all too common of an occurrence in many schools.

Therefore to help combat it, I have put together a collection of my favorite teaching videos that always give me that extra boost of inspiration to keep going:

Taylor Mali – What Teachers Make

I cannot begin to say enough good things about this particular video. To me, this one says it all. It is the response to all the people who have criticized my choice to be a teacher or the profession in general. And man is it the perfect response.

Kid President – Pep Talk to Teachers

Kid President is one of my favorite people on YouTube. Whenever I watch this video, I can’t help but have a huge smile on my face. It’s great to get such a wonderful pep talk from someone who could be my student.

Rita Pierson – Every Child Needs a Champion

This video is continually popping up in my life. I was shown it during an education class, it was used during the start of year PD at my current placement, and my mom has even sent me the link saying I HAVE to watch this video. Everything Rita brings up is amazing, but what really stood out to me is the power in putting a +1 on a paper instead of a -20. This idea stuck with me and is the only way I grade now – you’ll never find a minus sign on any of my papers because of this video. 

Said No Teacher Ever – Brandon and Russell

Alright, so I’ll admit – this one is not as “inspirational” as the rest of my list. But I am sure that anyone who has ever spent time in a classroom can appreciate this video. And a good laugh never hurt anyone, right?

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