Reflecting on this Semester for the MOCEs

SSQ-evaluation-boxBy Amanda Szramiak – As the semester is coming to a rather abrupt end, I started doing my course evaluations this week. During my entire collegiate career, there has always been at least one course or one teacher that I was going to have to put “strongly disagree” for the majority of the criteria. I went through each evaluation, and I was in actual shock. I had nothing but positive things to say about the courses and my professors. Although I feel somewhat bad for saying this, I couldn’t believe I didn’t have negative feedback for any of the six classes I’m taking. Then, I began to think about all my professors.

I have had great professors, mediocre professors, and even horrible professors while at Marquette. All types of professors have all different types of degrees, which ranged from bachelor’s to master’s to PHD’s. This was also the first semester all my professors had their PHD’s. I am by no means saying I think all college educators should have their PHDs, but I think my professors this semester deserve recognition.

I mentioned Dr. Rob Lowe in a previous blog post, and his intelligence is truly mind blowing.  He holds degrees from the University of California-Berkeley, Harvard University, and Stanford University, and his contribution to the world of education is truly inspiring. Dr. Labelle teaches philosophy of education, and his resume is equally exquisite. Dr./Fr. Labelle’s interests and genuine concern for his students is something I truly hope to emulate in my teaching days. Dr. Sharon Chubbuck is hands down one of the most intelligent and thoughtful teachers I have ever had. Three hour night classes are difficult, and yet this class is by far my favorite at Marquette. My English professors, Dr. Pladek, Dr. Hartman Keiser, and Dr. Foster, are true scholars, and I hope to be as knowledgeable about literally anything as they are in their subject fields.

This semester has been a tough one, but as it ends, I am feeling so immensely fortunate to have been taught by such amazing, inspiring, and intelligent professors.

1 Response to “Reflecting on this Semester for the MOCEs”

  1. 1 Carole December 3, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    I’m a curious about why you don’t think all college educators should have PhDs.


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