In Lieu of Resolutions… A Do More and Do Less List for 2016

new-years-eve-936219_960_720By Amanda Szramiak – Happy New Year! There are a lot of exciting (and scary) things happening in my life in 2016. I finally graduate! After a long, invaluable one hundred and forty plus credits of classes, my undergraduate career is coming to an end. While I will be student teaching in the fall, my last semester of course work is here. I am not a huge fan of resolutions, but I will be sharing my To Do More and To Do Less lists again.

To Do More:

Reading: This was on my list last year. Over the summer of 2015, I read five different books! It was great, but I still struggled with reading during the school year. I really hope to read for pleasure throughout the semester. My list of books I need to read before I become a teacher is getting frighteningly long, so I really need to read more!

Yoga:  If I go to the gym, I usually prefer to do some cardio and weight training. I rarely stretch, and I am so not flexible that it’s truly pathetic. I am in utter awe when I see Instagram yoga accounts of Yogis standing on their heads and bending in incredible positions. While I don’t think I will be able to stand on my head anytime soon, I really want to try to become a member of the yoga world.

Visiting Office Hours: I usually only visit my professors during office hours when they require it. I either wait until the last minute to work on a paper or feel embarrassed talking to my professor the day before something is due. I always forget that my professors are just as – if not even more – passionate about the subject they are teaching as I am. When I do visit my professors, our conversations are incredible and I want to soak in all the knowledge I can from them.

Traveling: Everyone keeps telling me to travel now because when I start my career, my time for leisurely vacations will diminish. While it’s tough to travel on my college budget, I started saving for a trip to Thailand in the early summer. My boyfriend and a few friends are planning on doing a United States road trip later in the summer. I also plan to visit Rhode Island a couple times during the semester.

Saving: Directly correlated to traveling, I hope to save as much money as I can. I am hoping to cut down eating out as much as possible. I also hope to put at least half of every paycheck I get into savings. That may be a little unrealistic and difficult, but having that in mind will definitely help.

To Do Less:

Swearing: I didn’t cut down on my swearing as I intended to last year, so it’s back on the list.

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