What I would have done with my powerball winnings…

download (35).jpgBy Nick McDaniels – As you may have guessed from the fact that I have not become a daily contributor to the Marquette Educator as part of my retirement schedule, I did not win the powerball, though I did buy a ticket, because, well, if buying a ticket was good enough for Alex Ovechkin, it is good enough for me.

But if I had won… here are a few broad statements (my pet education projects) about how I would have helped public education.

200 million dollars (about a third of the after-taxes winnings, because I would probably have taken the cash), would go immediately to a nationwide, state-by-state campaign to cap ALL public education class-sizes at 20 students.

200 million dollars would go to a campaign to end the privatization of public schools, bolstering unionized work-forces, and cutting the legs out from under the text-book/testing machine.

100 million dollars would go to supporting youth advocacy and civics initiatives so that we can begin again to invest in the civic literacy and the voices of students.

That would leave me with me with about 100 million dollars in cash.  I am pretty sure I could live on that.


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