New Semester, New Role: Becoming a CET at the Writing Center

writing-828911_960_720.jpgBy Amanda Szramiak – As my blogs have shown, I am truly in love with working at the writing center here at Marquette. Not only is the work of helping someone with their writing rewarding, it is also intellectually demanding. I find myself using parts of my brain most campus jobs don’t require. I am constantly brainstorming new ways to get my thoughts across, developing a trusting enough relationship with writers where they are comfortable sharing their writing with me, and gaining immense opportunities to develop myself professionally. This semester, I have become a course embedded tutor (CET) for the writing center.

The CET program at the Ott is fairly new, and it is my first semester being involved in the program. Where some professors require their students to come to the writing center for assignments, this program offers something much more. The professors of the CET courses find the process of going through revisions imperative for developing writing skills. As a CET, I am extremely excited to work with a professor who values writing just as much as I do.

Different than a writing center appointment, the CET program receives the students’ drafts ahead of time. The CETs have about a week of reading and commenting on the drafts before returning them to the class. After the drafts are returned, the CETs conference with their students individually. From there, the students can make any changes to their drafts and turn them in the following week.

I am the CET in a criminology research class. The students will be writing a research proposal in which I will meet with them at two different times during the semester. There are three CETs in the course, so we each have about eleven students. One of my favorite things about the writing center is communicating with students from a variety of backgrounds, getting to know their specialties, as well as them as a person. I am really eager to work with the same students over the course of the semester. I think it is going to be a very valuable tool for their educational experience as well as mine.

While I am immensely excited about becoming a part of this program, I am a little nervous. The thing I am most apprehensive about is the number of schedules I need to juggle. With the professor, students, commenting mentors, librarians, and my own schedule, my organizational skills need to be spot on throughout the semester. Luckily, I have an incredible boss who is a great support system and my fellow CETs to keep me afloat during this chaotic semester. I will be sure to keep you updated throughout!

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