Setting Goals for Student Teaching

14490702953_c48b68d4b3_o.pngBy Amanda Szramiak – As I start the application process for student teaching, we have to list three to five goals that we hope to accomplish during that time. To me, the back page of a piece of paper was not big enough for all the things I want to accomplish during student teaching, so I thought I’d share my list (so far) here.

Goal 1: Connect with all my students.
I have met some incredible students during my field placements. From hearing about students’ dreams and goals to helping them get organized, I have always been heavily impacted by the students I am working with. However, I feel as if field placements somewhat impair me from truly learning as much as I can about the students. Yes, I have been able to get to know students, but four hours a week is nothing. I look forward to being in the classroom with my students everyday. There is something immensely exciting about finally being a teacher in a classroom rather than a student/sort-of-teacher in a field placement. I cannot wait to get to know my students on a deeper level over the course of a semester.

Goal 2: Take every opportunity that comes my way.
At my field placements, I have always been eager to do pretty much anything my cooperating teacher asks me to or I ask to do things, too. Once, my co-op was venting about the bulletin board needing to be finished, but he couldn’t find the time to do so. I asked if he wanted me to put it up, and he did. Whether it be laminating paper, grading quizzes, or cutting paper, I was always eager to get involved. I hope to take my involvement one step further while student teaching by going above and beyond to truly become another teacher in the classroom.

Goal 3: Don’t procrastinate.
Even though I am extremely excited to begin my student teaching experience, I am worried. Going from school to a full-time job is going to be a drastic transition, and I am already trying to prepare myself mentally for the experience. While I am hoping not to procrastinate, I don’t think I will be able to, considering my preparation is for students rather than myself. I hope to utilize every free period I get to prepare for the following day, and I hope I will simply grow out of my procrastinating tendencies.

Goal 4: Have solid plans for life at student teaching.
Whether it be attending graduate school right away or getting a full time teaching position, a huge goal of mine is to have actual, tangible plans after student teaching. I know this experience may be overwhelming at times; however, I want to be applying for jobs and looking for my future plans throughout the process. I don’t want January to come around and realize I’m jobless and graduated.


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