Grad Cat: A Boone to Your Health & Productivity

So_happy_smiling_cat.jpgBy Kay Howell – A year ago, my life changed: My boyfriend adopted a cat from the Humane Society. Patrick, as he was soon christened, is 17 pounds of fluffy, purring feline. And surprisingly, Patrick has actually been able to assist me in my grad school career. Now, I know those doubters and dog-lovers out there probably don’t think that a cat can be a real help to a graduate student. Well, after a year of extensive research, I have identified three key areas in which having a cat can dramatically improve any graduate student’s life. Don’t believe me? Read on!

  1. Editing
    Patrick is a useful writing partner. No matter where I type, he always comes over to scamper across my keyboard and edit my papers. He is so eager that sometimes he tries to edit my work before I am even finished. Even now, he is patiently sitting on the kitchen table, knowing full well that he is not supposed to be on the kitchen table. That’s dedication! I know I can count on him to give my writing a certain flair and mmmmmmmmmmxzzzz. Well said, grad cat!
  1. Hydration
    Patrick lives by the motto “hydrate to stay great.” His philosophy extends beyond his water dish, because he is a very principled cat. With laser-like focus, Patrick makes it his mission in life to hydrate from any water glass, on any table, in any room. Now, hydration is a race against the clock: can I chug this glass of water before Patrick beats me to it? If you’re looking to lead a healthier lifestyle by drinking more water, a grad cat is an excellent accountability partner!
  1. Fashion
    Being in graduate school means surviving on a very small budget. But Patrick has helped me develop my very own unique sense of style, at no additional cost. Before he came into my life, my clothes were merely plain and clean. But now, everything I wear sports a very chic layer of cat hair. It adds a mesmerizing textured effect to my otherwise boring wardrobe

These are only a few of the benefits my grad cat has brought into my life. If you feel like your grad school life is just lacking that certain something, I would highly recommend looking into acquiring a grad cat of your own—or grad dog, hamster, bird, iguana—whatever suits your fancy!

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