Love for Academia: A Major Problem

hands-1080792_960_720.pngBy Noel Hincha – I enrolled at Marquette as a pre-physical therapy, exercise physiology major. Then upon preview, I switched to be a biomedical science major. Then in August, I changed to the biology major. Then, once orientation started, I became an unofficial English major. Then, as days flew by, I finally turned into an anthropology major. I traded in my chemistry textbook for a sociology one, and my biology textbook for a French one.

To put it succinctly, I don’t know what I’m doing; let’s be real and strip away all the formalities. It’s been a year, and I’m still standing in a fog at the beginning of an unbeaten path filled with the thorns and perils of being “multi-interested.” I fled from the hard sciences – if you love her, let her go – to be met by Shakespeare, W. E. B. Du Bois, and Neanderthals. Frankly, I love them as much as I loved learning about human pathology and walking through cadaver labs. I think truly being multi-interested is a problem.

I take interest in almost every subject. I wanted philosophy, biology, speech-language pathology, architecture, history, English, journalism, anthropology, physics, education, law, marketing; so, I spent a year dillydallying around core courses and electives. I joked to my friend, “I might as well get a Ph.D. in every field, never get an actual job, and then pass on the debt to my children.” It’s an internal catastrophe to love academia.

Maybe, I can label myself as merely another delusional and indecisive millennial addicted to travel and social media uprisings; however, for the sake of adhering to social norms and following a field that encompasses as many passions as possible, I’m an anthropology major. I suppose all the rambling above could be more concise: It’s okay to be undecided. It’s okay to take time and truly discover one’s successes and challenges. It’s okay.


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