To the Next Freshman: Remember to Call Mom

nature-field-summer-quantity.jpgBy Noel Hincha – A nervous student rushes into a classroom to sit down amongst a sea of others tapping their pens against fresh paper. Another student races with sandals beating against scorching pavement, trying to make it to the first education class. Now, fast forward about nine months. A sleep-deprived-coffee-high student parades out of the last final exam and into a liberating summer vacation. Another student waves goodbye as their roommate packs up the final box and waits for the congested elevator to make it to the ninth floor. The first year is done, and freshmen transform into sophomores.

Here are words of wisdom from one class to the next:

  1. Procrastinate less. Take charge and dominate the syllabus. Manage your time wisely, as in focus on school and prioritize. Visit your professor’s office hours.
  2. Stay humble. Your grades constantly ebb and flow, so try not to be overly confident with one good grade. Always study.
  3. Group projects. Whether you are a follower or a leader, eventually you will have to own up to responsibilities or crash and burn with your manufactured squad.
  4. Be involved. Join clubs and talk to the awkward guy next to you. Build yourself a network both personally and professionally – it all begins your first year. Have fun.
  5. Deep breathing. It takes time to adjust, try not to sweat it; however, always remember: mental health is just as important as physical health. Be healthy, sleep well.
  6. Stay true. Try not to compare yourself to others. The college experience is unique and, rightfully, all yours. Be yourself.
  7. Explore Milwaukee. Pop the Marquette bubble and venture out downtown, at the beach, in the bus, and around the South Side. This is your city, now.
  8. Love learning. Isn’t that why you’re here?

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