Week Two: Get Lost With a Good Book

By Charlotte Adnams

The second week of the Dwyane Wade LIVE TO DREAM Summer Reading Program has just finished and the 60 students in the program have gotten acquainted with their mini-classrooms and their “Wade Coaches.”

 While the students were working this week, I had a chance to take a peek into each classroom and see how the students are progressing. Inside recent graduate, Lexie Liber’s, classroom the students are encouraged by Lexie’s warm smile and encouraging word. She explains,“I love being there for the kids and to see the “ah- ha” moments, where comprehension in anything we are learning (writing, word work, reading) just clicks. As I was a struggling reader in elementary school, I know how beneficial it is to get that constant exposure to reading and reading strategies in a welcoming, individualized environment.”

Similar to several of the other “Wade Coaches,” Lexie is coming into this reading program straight from a semester of student teaching in an elementary school classroom. Lexie reflects on the difference between her past semester of a packed classroom and this summer program with only three students, “It is quite a change of pace from student teaching in a room with 37 students, but I really enjoy the small group coaching and it is a joy to already see progress in my students!”

Each week the tutors submit their lesson plans in advance to their mentors, College of Education professors and advisers, to optimize the opportunity for their students to excel. These twelve “Wade Coaches” prepare their classrooms each morning before the students arrive by listing the morning’s objectives, cleaning up the room, and organizing various books for the students to take home if they would like further practice and challenge.

Students are making progress in the “Reading Olympics!” As they read more books, the students are able to move forward on the Olympics reading map.

With three more weeks ahead, the students have many more opportunities to excel and “go for the gold!”

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