Ready for S’more Reading?

alliBy Charlotte Adnams

Before the program begins, I watch the 12 Marquette tutors prepare for the students to trickle through the front doors of the Hartman Center for the third week of the Dwyane Wade Live to Dream Summer Reading Program. Around 9 AM the tutors all gather outside their mini-classrooms and patiently mingle and chat about the day ahead. Each morning that the students filter in to the Hartman Center, it is evident how well-prepared and knowledgeable these teachers are in working with these young students and their diverse needs. As former College of Education students, the 12 “Wade Coaches” experienced diverse field placements and training that aided them in their current role as tutors to these young students.


As I am able to observe the learning progress from the windows of each of the mini-classrooms, I am able to witness an excitement for learning and reading that will help these young students excel. Each of the tutors cater to the needs of their students. Some with a stronger emphasis on reading comprehension others more so on word accuracy skills, but an overall aim of making reading fun and enjoyable. The students have been working hard these past couple weeks of the program to become even more well-rounded readers.

Students enjoy their snack and recess break on the Schroeder Complex lawn.

The community that is fostered in the Hartman Center and this Live to Dream Summer Reading Program excites me for my future role as a tutor and reading coach in the coming fall semester. The program fosters a perfect balance of comfort and challenge for these young learners which create an environment to boost the students in their reading and writing skills. Next week these young students will be perfecting their “All About Me” writing project for the program pairing writings with photographs. With just two more weeks to go of the program, the students are still eager and excited to make even more progress!

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