Photo Jul 07, 10 30 07 AMBy Charlotte Adnams
As part of this year’s emphasis on writing in the Live to Dream Summer Reading Program, the students have been working on their own “All About Me” writing project. The last hour of instruction each day is focused on the students working through and strengthening their writing skills with a project where they are encouraged to write about themselves and what they enjoy. The “Wade Coaches” have been working with students on the writing process of brainstorming, organizing, drafting, editing, and revising.

“Reading and writing go hand in hand,” Christine Reinders, who has played an integral role in planning for the writing portion of the program, mentions. As one of the mentors to the “Wade Coaches,” she has been able to guide these educators in helping their students gain confidence and engage in the writing process. The students are given a space to grow in their writing skills and explore aspects of their life while gaining a “positive disposition of writing,” Reinders adds. Each student is given a digital camera to snap pictures of their family members, pets, sports they play, and even hobbies to pair with their writings.

This is the first year that the program has incorporated the writing project. The students in last year’s program worked through an integrated art project based on the work of artist Romare Bearden. The “All About Me” writing project gives these young students a platform for writing. As writing is a key part of communication and it is strongly linked to reading, this dedicated time to guiding students in their development aids students in their skills and confidence. While the students are making the final edits and revisions to their writing project, they show pride in their hard work and excitement in what they have achieved!

After a morning of reading and writing, the students take a well earned snack break and play with the parachute at Central Mall.

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