Week Five Reading Olympics — Closing Ceremonies

By Charlotte Adnams
Students waved farewell to the end of the LIVE TO DREAM program on Thursday, July 14!

The LIVE TO DREAM Summer Reading Program ended this week with a celebration of all of the students’ hard work in the program. Students enjoyed an ice cream party on the Wednesday before the program’s end date, in honor of their progress on their assessments. Each student earned the ice cream and varying toppings by proving progress as they moved up in their various reading and writing assessments throughout the five-week program. On Thursday, July 14 the 60 second and third grade students were joined by Marquette’s mens basketball team and returning special guest, Tragil Wade, for field games and lunch at Central Mall. The students spent the their celebration tossing water balloons with their MUBB partner and racing golf balls on spoons across the field.

Marquette men’s basketball joined the students at Central Mall for water balloon games and competition.

The students had a fun day after a month of growing in their reading and writing skills. The Dwyane Wade LIVE TO DREAM Summer Reading Program gave the students a platform to learn and excel, enhancing both their reading and writing skills. It was an experience of confidence and growth that these sixty young students will remember and grow upon in their future.

Our readers are #1!

As I was able to watch the learning process and the growth of the students, I want to say a special shout out and “great job!” to the twelve Wade Coaches, each of their mentors, everyone who worked with and supported the program within the College of Education, and the Wade’s World Foundation for this program and its impact on the students. Though I saw only glimpses of the program throughout the five weeks, the dedication and commitment to these students’ growth was evident in all aspects of the program. Until next year!

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