Teachers be like…

a_teacher_talks_to_his_students_in_a_classroom_at_cathedral_high_school_in_new_ulm_minnesota-_the_town_is_a_county-_-_nara_-_558210By Nick McDaniels

There are a few great internet memes that float around occasionally with the caption “Teachers be like…” followed by a phrase or action that is indicative of teachers.  My favorite, “Teachers be like… I’ll wait until it’s quiet,” or some variation thereof, captioned over a skeleton sitting at a desk, captures a typical teacher classroom management technique whereby a teacher refuses to continue to instruct until students are paying attention.

To be meme-ified, means, in many ways, to be typical or indicative.  For me, and for my students, it just means that sometimes we teachers all say the same stuff and when captured in a meme, well… it’s just darn funny.

So I asked my students today to complete the phrase… “Teachers be like…” There were some good ones.

“… the bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do.”

“… I don’t have to be here, I choose to be here.”

“… I already got my degree…”

Google “Teachers be like.”  There are some great ones out there!

So this certainly begs the question, are these things we all really say?  Who cares?  It’s funny if enough of us do, and kids think it’s funny.

So I ask of you, in the comment section below, to tell what is your favorite, “Teachers be like…” saying or action?

It’s nice sometimes, when we want out students to be quiet, or not pack up before the bell rings, to at least be able to laugh at the ways we choose to cope out loud with these problems.

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