Getting to Know Janet Cleary

image1Ms. Janet Cleary is the Field Placement Coordinator here in the College. This spring semester, we’ve been interviewing our faculty and staff to learn more about them— get to know Janet today!

Tell us about yourself! Where did you grow up and how long have you lived in Milwaukee? 

I am from Schenectady, New York, and attended undergraduate school at Cornell University. My degree is in Nutritional Sciences. I moved to Milwaukee in 1977 to work for the Milwaukee Public Schools! My employment at MPS was in two departments: School Nutrition (my undergrad major is Nutritional Sciences), and Human Resources (I earned my MS in Industrial and Labor Relations at UW-M).

It sounds like MPS has really been a big part of your life!

While I am not an educator, all my professional work experience prior to Marquette COED was in the K-12 educational setting. While at MPS, I enjoyed visiting schools and seeing the impact my job had on the student’s success in the classroom.

What drew you to Marquette and the COED?

I retired from MPS in June 2013, with the intention of being “retired.” Little did I know that this would only last one semester! In January, 2014 I came to Marquette, and have never looked back! I have now been here for 4+ years, and I LOVE Marquette! After the public school setting, where I was required to be  “secular,” I am now able to attend religious services on campus, and am supported in my faith journey by the Faber Center for Ignatian Spirituality.

We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying your time here at Marquette! What do you see as an exciting opportunity for this upcoming academic year?

I am very excited that we have found a few new schools with which to partner for student teaching/field placements next school year! I am also excited that each year we have a few more grads as cooperating teachers. They understand the rigor of the coursework, and the importance of an exceptional field/student teaching experience.

We’ve heard quite a bit about Janet the Field Placement Coordinator, but we would also like to know about what you do when you are outside of the office!

I love to bake and cook and enjoy hosting friends at my home. I also enjoy reading and have recently been binge watching British TV series—Victoria, the Crown, Call the Midwife…. a guilty pleasure of mine is watching the Real Housewives of New York.

Those hobbies must mean a lot to you! Can you tell us more about how their impact?

I love to nurture friendships, and feeding people is such a good way to let others know I care about them. I used to prepare food for and serve at the St. Ben’s Meal Program. That was a great way to put my desire to serve and care for the other into action.

That’s amazing! Do you have any advice for readers who are interested in doing similar hobbies?

I would encourage readers to explore their own interests, and sometimes there is an intersection between our interests and a need in the community.  If I hadn’t come to Marquette, one of the volunteer activities on my retirement list was working in a literacy program.

You can learn more about the College of Education along with our undergraduate program that Janet helps out with by visiting us online!


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