On the Tenth Anniversary of the College of Education: Nora McCaughey

This year, the College of Education is celebrating its 10th anniversary since becoming a college! In commemoration, our undergraduate students were invited to participate in an essay contest with the following prompt:

Given our rich history, (1) Why do you think it is important that we are designated as a College (for instance, within the University and to our community partners) and (2) Why is our being a College important to you professionally and/or personally?

We’re excited to share the entries with you; please read on for Nora McCaughey’s essay.

coed logo vertical full colorBy Nora McCaughey

It can be difficult for college students to find their place in a university. Not everyone has the luxury of finding a club, sport or other extracurricular that they love. Even those who have been so fortunate may find themselves hungry for something more. That’s precisely why it’s so crucial for each student to have a college where they are with like-minded people. It’s an opportunity for them to flourish with others who have the same passions, the same ambitions. Of course this could theoretically be done without designating the College of Education as its own college, but by separating it from the College of Arts and Sciences, Marquette is effectively giving all education majors more opportunities. I think that this is especially crucial with this specific college. Education majors are as dedicated to their subject as any other, but often don’t get the “glam” of being a nurse or engineer later in life. Less pay and less acclaim in the future can be disheartening to young future educators, but they are given a space to be with others who share the same core values and have the same ideals for their life. Having a separate college validates education students who are feeling that they aren’t as accomplished or as valuable as STEM or other majors.

Marquette University having a College of Education has been beneficial to me time and time again. It began in SPARK, when all College of Education students were placed in the same group. I cannot think of a better way to have started my college experience than by bonding not only with other scared freshman, but with students who were interested in the same field of study as me. Even though we all had different second majors, our love of teaching brought us all together. I still see many of these SPARK students in my education classes, and it is so fantastic to be able to walk into a class on the first day and already have a group of people that you know. Since SPARK groups are formed by college, I’m not sure if I had been placed in the group for the College of Arts and Sciences that I would have had the same experience that I did, and I am certain that I wouldn’t have felt so at home in my first classes if I hadn’t had been in a SPARK group with others like me. This is only one example of the many that I feel the College of Education is deserving of, and I am eager to see what other benefits Marquette’s decision will bring to incoming and current education students.

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