Getting to Know Our Students: Meet Julia Bigoness

This year, we are spending time getting to know our students! You can get to know more of our students and our faculty/ staff on our blog series. Read on to meet Julia, a member of our freshman class!

bigonessMy name is Julia Bigoness, and I am a freshman studying Elementary Education and Spanish. I grew up in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago and have been living in Milwaukee for almost nine months. I have one older brother who attends Georgia Tech and one younger brother in seventh grade. My mom is a nurse, and my dad is a criminal investigator and an alumnus of Marquette University.

I chose Marquette University because it is super close to the city. I felt a sense of community whenever I took tours of the school. I always felt like it was a home because I could see myself on campus for the next four years. One of my favorite things about the College of Education is that I can jump right into the classroom setting. I also like how there are a variety of schools where I can do service learning and experience different environments.

My favorite educational experience is service learning. I think that it is so cool that starting freshman year, I am able to be in the classroom. Service learning helped me apply what I have learned in the classroom to what I see during service learning. I look forward to going to service learning every week because I love to see how I can make a difference in a child’s day and how they can improve my day. Attending service learning helped me confirm that I am pursuing the right major.

One exciting opportunity that I am looking forward to this upcoming academic year is perfecting my Spanish and being able to start field observations. My goal is to be fluent in Spanish by the time I graduate and to be able to communicate to children and all of those that I encounter in a bilingual school setting.

The people who inspire me are the students in my service learning classrooms. I learn so much from them, and they help me apply what I have learned in the classroom. They are always so cooperative and willing to participate. I am so excited to become an elementary teacher and have my own classroom to inspire students and help them learn!

Want to learn more about our undergraduate education programs? Head on over to our website for more information– or, even better, come visit us on campus!

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