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Getting to Know Our Students: Meet Ashley Kearns

This year, we are spending time getting to know our students! You can get to know more of our students and our faculty/ staff on previous posts. Read on to meet Ashley, one of our current freshmen!

downloadI’m Ashley Kearns! I am a freshman studying Elementary Education with a second major in either Communications or Psychology. I grew up in Kildeer, Illinois. I moved to Milwaukee just this year. I have never lived anywhere else other than my specific house in Kildeer since I was born, so this is definitely a new experience. My family is one of the most important things to me. I have an extremely encouraging and loving mother, a supportive and helpful father, an inspiring and caring brother all the way from California, and a white fluffy dog named Sam that I miss every day I am away from home.

My favorite educational experience would most definitely be service learning.  I was able to be emerged into a kindergarten classroom right away in my first semester of freshman year. It was not only the most fun and relaxing Thursday night activity, but it also reconfirmed that this was the occupation I wanted to follow through with for the rest of my life. The kids were so sweet, and the teachers gave me amazing insight into my future. Through this, I grew more and more excited to continue my classes and the various experiences I will have here at Marquette.

An amazing opportunity for me in this upcoming year is deciding my second major. I am currently taking both a Communication 1000 course and a Psychology 1001 course. I can’t wait to learn more about various subjects and decide my second path I want to follow here at Marquette.

I was drawn to Marquette the moment I stepped on campus. I fell in love with the environment, the people, and just overall the vibes of the campus. Everyone seemed so happy and excited to be here, and it made me feel at home. I also was incredibly drawn to how small and close the education department was. Everyone knows one another and through this we can learn from others’ experiences. At other schools, I felt like I would just be another person in a huge program that would be overlooked in all of my classes. However, at Marquette I felt like I would be appreciated and helped through everything.

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