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Getting to Know Our Students: Maya Kolatorowicz

This year, we are spending time getting to know our students! You can get to know more of our students and our faculty/ staff on previous posts. Read on to meet Maya, one of our current freshmen!

Educator PicMy name is Maya Kolatorowicz, and I am from Westchester, Illinois – a suburb about twenty-five minutes west of Chicago. I have loved living in and exploring Milwaukee over these past seven months, but one thing I still know for sure is that the Bears will always be better than the Packers and the Cubs better than the Brewers!

My family is, without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was adopted from India at age one, and I am the only child of two amazing and loving parents. I am also blessed to be a cousin to 32 others – and counting! Many members of my family – my parents, several aunts, and a now even some cousins – once were, still are, or are currently studying to become teachers. To teach is a calling, and to dedicate oneself to teaching is a genuine vocation. For me, to teach is also to join a community of teachers that have surrounded me throughout my life, guiding me and shaping the person that I am. As a freshman in Marquette University’s College of Education, studying Elementary / Middle Education, I feel humbled and excited to officially join this community of teachers, and I cannot wait to inspire and to be inspired by my students.

Attending Marquette University continues my Catholic education, as I attended both a Catholic grade school and high school in the suburbs of Chicago. As I think back on my favorite educational experience, the first thing that comes to mind is my time in high school. My entire high school educational experience was unique and one that I remember fondly because I went to an all-girls high school – Trinity High School, in River Forest, Illinois. My educational experience at Trinity High School holds a special place in my heart because of the incredible spirit, supportive classmates, and hardworking teachers. Trinity always reminded me that, as an empowered woman, I can and I will become a leader who, through word and action, changes the world for the good. There is no slowing down in sight, as Marquette University builds on the call that I received from Trinity High School, reminding me to be the difference. As I engage in more eye-opening educational opportunities, such as serving as a teacher’s assistant as a part of service learning in the schools, I hope to fulfill this call – inspiring and being inspired by all of the students who bring so many important gifts to the classroom.

Here at Marquette, I look forward to perfecting the Spanish language as I take on Spanish as a second major. In my life, I desire to use the skill of speaking another language to break down barriers and build bridges between communities – advocating for justice and inclusion. On a smaller scale, I plan on continuing to regularly take the yoga sculpt class here at Marquette, because doing so reminds me of the utmost importance of caring for my body and spirit so that I can reach my fullest potential and therefore help others to reach their own. I also hope to get involved in some type of musical group at Marquette, as I find so much joy in singing and know that singing has the potential to bring joy to others, as well. In the future, I also want to prioritize my participation in service experiences that will allow me to grow in relationship with the larger community of Milwaukee.

I know that Marquette University has so much to offer me, and I could not be more excited to fully immerse myself in the community and spirit that Marquette University is. I am incredibly happy and sincerely blessed to be able to call Marquette University home for the college years ahead and for many more years to come.


Getting to Know Our Students: Mia Meyle

This year, we are spending time getting to know our students! You can get to know more of our students and our faculty/ staff on previous posts. Read on to meet Mia, one of our current freshmen!

miaMy name is Mia Meyle, and I am a freshman studying elementary education and communications. I grew up in Deer Park, Illinois, and I have lived in Milwaukee ever since I started school at Marquette last fall. I have two older brothers who are graduating with degrees in construction management and fire science at the end of spring 2019. My mom works as a human resources manager and a high school counselor. My dad is a project manager for Motorola Solutions.

I chose Marquette because I love being right in the center of the city of Milwaukee. There are so many great volunteer opportunities in all the K-12 schools nearby. A club that I participate in outside of the classroom is called MU Pollinators. When we meet, we get to do all sorts of crafty Pinterest type activities like making Chapstick, dipping candles, or harvesting and jarring our own honey. It’s extremely fun and tasty! If you’d like to receive emails for this club, you can contact this email address

My favorite educational experience is the time spent tutoring at a technical institute in Les Cayes, Haiti last summer. I helped teach English and computer skills to Haitians aged 5-25. These abilities are key for them to be able to apply for higher-end jobs in their community, such as airport attendants, hotel clerks and governmental roles.

The people that inspire me to have such passion for education are honestly all the amazing students. I see the future in their eyes and seeing them thrive drives me. I like knowing that I’m making a real difference in their lives. They bring me real joy. The social justice issues surrounding the educational system are a huge heartache to me. I want only the best for my students, and I hope to make many positive changes for them in the years to come.

As I am exploring job opportunities for myself, I recently signed up to take the WorkKeys test so I can get my paraprofessional license. That way I can apply for jobs as a teacher’s aide for summer school in Illinois. My oldest brother took this test a few years ago and he didn’t have a hard time with at all, even though standardized test taking isn’t his strong suit. It’s really exciting that I am able to take hold of this opportunity so early on in my studies. I highly recommend my fellow Marquette education friends to take advantage of this! Having the classroom experience would be a great resume builder and an amazing learning experience.

Want to learn more about our undergraduate education programs? Head on over to our website for more information– or, even better, come visit us on campus!

Getting to Know Our Students: Meet Claire Bernatz

This year, we are spending time getting to know our students! You can get to know more of our students and our faculty/ staff on previous posts. Read on to meet Claire, one of our current upperclassment!

claireHello, my name is Claire Bernatz and I am studying Secondary Education and Broad Field Science with a minor in Music and Biology. I am currently a Junior, meaning I’m going on year four of living in Milwaukee. I grew up all over the country, but I like to say Houston, Texas, is home. My family includes my mom, Lynn, my dad, Fritz, and younger sister, Emma. My Dad graduated from Case University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and my Mom graduated from Ohio University with a BA in International Studies. My sister is currently a freshman at A&M University pursuing a BA in Psychology. My family has instilled a competitive spirit within me, because whenever I am home, we make sure to set time aside to play a board game.  

One of my favorite times at Marquette was studying abroad in Italy. For this class I brought my oboe across the Atlantic and played with some of the best musicians Italy had to offer in concerts around the peninsula. It was definitely hard having such a quick turnaround for preparing pieces and traveling ever three to four days, however playing in ancient ruins, or in theaters older than the United States was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. I made some of my best friends on that trip, and I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.  

Something I am super excited about this year is being a part of the pep band. Within the pep band program, I get to go to all the volleyball games and perform at Men’s and Women’s basketball games. Luckily this year both of our teams are doing fantastic, and I will be able to travel with them to Big East tournament. Hopefully (knock on wood), the teams will also make it far in the NCAA tournament where I will also be able to travel with them and give them the most support possible.  

Besides the basketball, there was a lot of reasons I chose Marquette to be my home for four years. Milwaukee is a wonderful city in which to spend your early adulthood. There are endless things to do, and it is the perfect size. Being able to get across the city either by foot, bus, or car makes the entire city accessible from the moment you step on campus. As for Marquette, it too is the perfect size. I never had classes that were over 120 students, and now that I’m getting into my upper division, the class sizes are small and are all still taught by the professor instead of a teaching assistant. The opportunities that Marquette offers was one of the biggest draws for me. What drew me to teaching and to the College of Education is my passion for discovery. I knew that Marquette would offer me the challenge and knowledge needed to be a successful teacher, and that drive is what lead me to teaching.  

When I’m not in the classroom, what takes up most of my time is band. I am the principle chair oboe player in the Wind Ensemble, I play piano for the Jazz Band, and alto saxophone for the Pep Band. If I’m not at Varsity theater you can find me on the Marquette Club Quidditch team. Quidditch is a co-ed full contact sport. However, due to injury, I am taking this semester off. To fill that gap of time I am actively going to yoga classes and attempting stand-up comedy. Marquette offers any hobby or club you can think of. So even if you curious about something, just go to the meeting and find out more about it.!

I get a lot of my inspiration from the younger generation. Even though I am only 21, I feel the potential for the younger generation to succeed and be better than me is overwhelmingly positive. I want to do everything in my power to be great so that I can give that younger generation everything they need to be able to change the world and have the skills to be better than the people before them. They are the future, and I want my future to be bright.  

Something that motivates me every day is the phrase “Do Good, Be Good” so I hope you find something that encourages you to do something good for the world today!  

Getting to Know Our Students: Meet Ashley Kearns

This year, we are spending time getting to know our students! You can get to know more of our students and our faculty/ staff on previous posts. Read on to meet Ashley, one of our current freshmen!

downloadI’m Ashley Kearns! I am a freshman studying Elementary Education with a second major in either Communications or Psychology. I grew up in Kildeer, Illinois. I moved to Milwaukee just this year. I have never lived anywhere else other than my specific house in Kildeer since I was born, so this is definitely a new experience. My family is one of the most important things to me. I have an extremely encouraging and loving mother, a supportive and helpful father, an inspiring and caring brother all the way from California, and a white fluffy dog named Sam that I miss every day I am away from home.

My favorite educational experience would most definitely be service learning.  I was able to be emerged into a kindergarten classroom right away in my first semester of freshman year. It was not only the most fun and relaxing Thursday night activity, but it also reconfirmed that this was the occupation I wanted to follow through with for the rest of my life. The kids were so sweet, and the teachers gave me amazing insight into my future. Through this, I grew more and more excited to continue my classes and the various experiences I will have here at Marquette.

An amazing opportunity for me in this upcoming year is deciding my second major. I am currently taking both a Communication 1000 course and a Psychology 1001 course. I can’t wait to learn more about various subjects and decide my second path I want to follow here at Marquette.

I was drawn to Marquette the moment I stepped on campus. I fell in love with the environment, the people, and just overall the vibes of the campus. Everyone seemed so happy and excited to be here, and it made me feel at home. I also was incredibly drawn to how small and close the education department was. Everyone knows one another and through this we can learn from others’ experiences. At other schools, I felt like I would just be another person in a huge program that would be overlooked in all of my classes. However, at Marquette I felt like I would be appreciated and helped through everything.

Want to learn more about our undergraduate education programs? Head on over to our website for more information– or, even better, come visit us on campus!

Getting to Know Our Students: Meet Kate Schechtman

This year, we are spending time getting to know our students! You can get to know more of our students and our faculty/ staff on previous posts. Read on to meet Kate, one of our current freshmen!

kateMy name is Kate Shechtman, and I am a freshman at Marquette University studying elementary education and English. I grew up in Barrington, Illinois. and have lived in Milwaukee for almost seven months. I have an older brother and older sister who are my best friends; I’m very close with both of my parents as well. My mom has always been my inspiration for my passion. As a child I always wanted to become a teacher and be just like my mom, an elementary school teacher. Growing up I found many other reasons why I wanted to study education, but I have to thank my mom for all the support and courage she gave me.

My favorite educational experience was going to my service learning site last semester. I was able to work with a great group of students and learned a lot from helping them. Although I do enjoy service learning, I am excited for field experience my sophomore year.

Marquette has amazing students and staff. Going back to senior year of high school when I was touring Marquette, every person I meet was so sweet and caring. I felt wanted at Marquette, especially in the College of Education, where I would be seen as who I am and not just another student.

In my free time, I play club volleyball for the women’s volleyball team at Marquette, and I also just joined a sorority which I’m very excited about. Both of these activities have introduced me to amazing people that make my college experience even better. Do not be afraid to try new things or being rejected from an activity. Everyone is very welcoming here and almost everyone finds the right groups/ activities/ clubs for them.

Marquette’s College of Education makes you feel special and unique. I have only been a student here for a little over one semester, and I already feel welcomed and supported!


Getting to Know Heather Wolfgram

Heather Wolfgram joined Marquette University and the College of Education as a Director of Development in November of 2018. With several years of exerience in development on behalf of nonprofit organizations, Heather is ready to to advance the mission of both the college and the university. Read on to get to know Heather, and check out the rest of our series getting to know faculty, staff, and students!

IMG_9016 I’m originally from Big Bend, WI, and I’ve been back in Milwaukee for five years. My family is BIG and very close. All of my extended family still gets together for every holiday. My immediate family gets together almost every Sunday for dinner. Kids and dogs are welcome.

I have my Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota. I absolutely loved the experience. I learned so much and had the opportunity to build what I think is a really broad skillset. As a social worker I’m drawn to community organizers like Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama. Grassroots community organizing can be incredibly impactful. I’ve always been passionate about higher education and life-long learning. Marquette offered me an opportunity to make education accessible (through donor-funded scholarships) to those who might not have thought it was possible. I also really admire the Jesuit commitment to service and giving back to the community. As I move into my new role, I’m excited about partnering with Dean Henk to build the College of Education Leadership Council.

When not at work, I’m an avid cyclist. I love the combination of being outside, being social, and contributing to my health. When I moved back to Milwaukee, I joined a female cycling club called the Bella Donnas/Cadence. These are some of the most supportive, compassionate, and welcoming women I have ever met. Many of them have become close friends and will likely lead to life-long friendships. I would encourage any women who are cyclists or interested in becoming cyclists to ride with Cadence this spring/summer.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Marquette family and I look forward to learning everything I can about the College of Education.

The College of Education provides outstanding academic programs, generates nationally recognized research, and engages in significant community outreach. With the assistance of those who believe deeply in the importance of schooling and mental health across the spectrum, we can be more impactful in all of these social justice pursuits. To contribute to scholarships or community outreach endeavors, contact Heather Wolfgram today! 


Getting to Know Our Students: Meet Hannah Jablonowski

This year, we are spending time getting to know our students! You can get to know more of our students and our faculty/ staff on previous posts. Read on to meet Hannah, one of our current freshmen!

44920429_918894458308613_3681967040706379776_nMy name is Hannah Jablonowski. I am a freshman double majoring in Educational Studies and Psychology. I was born and raised right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee is a beautiful city, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. I come from a big family with my parents, two older sisters, and one older brother. My dad and brother graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, which makes the Marquette vs. Wisconsin basketball game very interesting at my house! My mom is a Marquette alum, and one of my sisters is a current junior in the College of Nursing. My oldest sister graduated from Loyola University of Chicago. I also have over 30 cousins!

My favorite educational experience has been volunteering at Highland Community School throughout my first semester at Marquette. Every week, I volunteered for two hours after my classes. I was placed in the after-school program for two- to three-year-olds. It has been my favorite educational experience because although I will not be pursuing that path as an educator, I loved helping out and teaching the children new games every week.

This summer, I am going to be a SPARK and Orientation Leader for the class of 2023! Specifically, I get to represent the College of Ed and meet the incoming students. Throughout high school, I was very involved with leadership activities and engaging with new students and families. I am very excited to continue to strengthen my leadership skills, as well as meet the new Freshmen class.

As I previously stated earlier, I come from a big family. I am the eighteenth family member to attend Marquette. I have been very familiar with this university for my whole life, and I knew that it would be the perfect fit for me. I love the smaller school environment and family feel that Marquette has. I have wanted to work in a school ever since I could remember. Three of my aunts, all Marquette alumni, are teachers. I have grown up watching them change the lives of their students and knew I wanted to do the same. Also, the majority of teachers I have had are Marquette alums. They are fantastic teachers and I knew that if I were to attend Marquette, I would be in good hands.

In my free time, I love practicing yoga, especially with my mom. I have been practicing yoga for nine years. My favorite part of yoga is that each practice is different. Somedays it can be difficult, but other days it can be the complete opposite. I also love how individualized yoga is. It is a different experience for everyone. Life can be busy and stressful, so yoga is my favorite way to unwind and relax! For anyone who is interested in yoga, find the nearest studio and go to a beginner class. I could not recommend yoga enough!

My mom is my biggest inspiration. Working as a NICU Nurse at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and raising my siblings and me she is someone I look up to and strive to be like one day. She has always encouraged me to be the best version of myself and to work as hard as I can. My mom helps change lives every day, and I knew I wanted to do the same. She is the most selfless, kind, caring, and hard-working person I know. She is a constant reminder of who I want to be one day.

At Marquette Basketball games, I love being as close to the court as possible! I go to as many games as I can, and I love cheering loud for the basketball teams. My friends and I always are dancing, singing, and jumping around and love being on the Jumbotron. If you find yourself at a Marquette game, keep an eye out for my friends and me!

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