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A Word About Our CECP Diversity Scholarship

gala 2018By DJ Ferrer

My name is DJ Ferrer, and I am the recipient of the 2017 Diversity Scholarship in the Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology (CECP) program. When I decided to return to Marquette University as a graduate student in the program, my goal was to work with Asian immigrants who are having trouble adjusting to the culture of the U.S. Receiving the scholarship was part of the foundation that helped me as I progressed towards that goal, as the scholarship money was used to help pay for the textbooks that would guide what I learned in the classrooms.

Being the 2017 recipient was also a title that stuck with me throughout my time as a graduate student as it was a reminder of why I was on campus. During the second semester of my graduate studies, I found myself applying to Walker’s Point Youth and Family Center in order to be an intern therapist at the site during the rest of my time in the College of Education. This site focuses on aiding homeless and runaway youth by providing crisis services and therapeutic interventions so that they can have their own foundations towards a healthier future. It was at this site that I learned how much a person’s culture can impact not only that person’s current environment, but also that person’s development as a human and how they got to where they were today.

Whenever I met with the youth at the shelter, I made sure to be as culturally competent as I could be so that I can better help the youth through their situations. I even ended up winning the 2018 Student Volunteer of the Year Award at the site during the second year of my program, which is a testament of how hard I worked to aid the youth at the site. Also, during my second year, I became the Diversity Chair for the CECP’s Graduate Student Organization (GSO). It was during this time that I took the Multicultural Counseling course, which is a required course for Marquette’s curriculum. As the Diversity Chair and a student who was learning more about diversity, I learned just how multifaceted the subject of multiculturalism and diversity can really be. As my time at Marquette comes to a close, the monetary value of the Diversity Scholarship is long gone, but the honor of having the title as the 2017 recipient has stayed with me and will continue to stay with me moving forward as a professional counselor.

My resumé showcases accomplishments such as 2018-2019 Diversity Chair for the CECP GSO and the 2018 Student Volunteer of the Year at Walker’s Point Youth and Family Center, but earlier than both of those achievements, I am proud to list the 2017 recipient of the CECP Diversity Scholarship. My current plans after graduate are still to work with Asian immigrants who struggle adjusting to the U.S. culture, but I am now aware of the other cultural aspects of these individuals and how they affect each other. I would like to incorporate all aspects of the cultures of my future clients in order to best provide therapeutic interventions. This is a value that was stated when I applied for the Diversity Scholarship and that was further expanded upon because of my Marquette experience.

The CECP GSO would like to cordially invite you to attend the 2019 Diversity Gala on May 4th where we will announce to 2019 recipient! Tickets can be purchased ahead of time and help to fund the scholarship for deserving students like DJ!

Research Exchange Offers Students No Risk Experience with Research

By Rory Raasch, 1st year Counseling student –– At the beginning of the year, I decided to join the committee for the Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology Graduate Student Organization (CECP GSO) Research Exchange. The Research Exchange is an annual mini-conference where graduate students from a variety of disciplines have the opportunity to share research about mental health with their peers.

I did not join this committee with the intention of presenting at the event. Though I participated on a number of research teams as an undergrad, I did not have much experience presenting. This committee for me was more about supporting others who “knew what they were doing.”

But after talking to students and faculty who attended the event in the past, I became persuaded to present. I learned that the event is pretty informal and that it is a great opportunity for students to get practice presenting and to receive collaborative feedback from peers and faculty. The research at this event is often NOT in completed study form. Rather, students often choose to present literature reviews and/or proposals for potential future studies. In addition, Research Exchange presenters tend to use a past or current research assignment from one of their classes.

I am looking forward to presenting at April 1st Research Exchange. It will be exciting to exchange current research with peers and give and receive feedback in a safe, comfortable environment. I hope to learn and grow from this experience so that one day I may have the knowledge and confidence to present at a “big time” research conference.

The Research Exchange is open to Marquette University students  — both graduate and undergraduate.  Research submissions are due on or before March 15, 2011.

If you are considering presenting at the Research Exchange on April 1st please visit or contact me or Stacy Trinastic

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