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On the Tenth Anniversary of the College of Education: Hannah Jablonowski

This year, the College of Education is celebrating its 10th anniversary since becoming a college! In commemoration, our undergraduate students were invited to participate in an essay contest with the following prompt:

Given our rich history, (1) Why do you think it is important that we are designated as a College (for instance, within the University and to our community partners) and (2) Why is our being a College important to you professionally and/or personally?

We’re continuing to share our students’ essays below!

downloadBy Hannah Jablonowski

Since 1881, Marquette has proven what it means to be the difference. From the many accomplishments the university has had as a whole to the everyday accomplishments by current students and alumni, Marquette is full of success. I believe that creating the College of Education is one of those accomplishments. Creating a College of Education was a way to help aspiring future educators feel a sense of belonging and importance in the community, while also creating an unlimited amount of opportunities for them.

When I considered Marquette for my college path, I was blown away with the College of Education. From the Service Learning opportunities during the first semester of freshman year, to the happiness I felt knowing it was a tight-knit community, I truly felt like I was home. If Education were merely a school, I am not sure if I would feel the same way or even have chosen Marquette. Having a College of Education is important for not only the university and its students, but for the community. Teachers are everywhere in our daily lives. Everyone has been impacted by teachers throughout their lives. The amount of work that teachers and other educators do for their students often goes unrecognized. It is important for communities to know that we are designated as a College because they know that education is something we value. We value students who are studying to become educators so much that Marquette wanted to have Education to be a College. Communities know that we are passionate and strive to be the best educators possible. Having a College for Education proves that.

Being a part of the College of Education is very important to me. I am the eighteenth member of my family to attend Marquette University. My mom, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins have all studied in various majors at Marquette. The reason why I wanted to be involved in education is because of my three aunts. They attended Marquette and graduated from the School of Education. They are incredible teachers and I have always looked up to them. They were taught everything they know about being a teacher from Marquette University. I knew if I were to go here, I would be just as great as they are one day. I remember discussing with them how I was excited to be a part of the College of Education at Marquette. I specifically remember them becoming so excited that I would be the first member of our family to be a part of the College of Education.

It truly is an honor to be the first family member involved in the College of Education at Marquette because this university means so much to my family. My aunts knew how much the School of Education did for them, and they cannot wait to see what the College of Education will do for me.

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Celebrating 10 Years and Giving Back

IMG_1505By Hannah Jablonowski

Marquette University’s College of Education is collecting warm winter clothes for Penfield Montessori Academy (PMA), a local elementary school, in celebration of the tenth anniversary since we became a college. Marquette and the College of Education have a strong connection with PMA. Located close to Marquette’s campus, current students and alumni work within the school, and the College of Education could not think of a better way to celebrate our tenth anniversary than to help out!

The weather in the Midwest has been at a record low, and it is necessary for everyone to be warm. PMA is in need of winter clothes for their students. As part of a Jesuit community that embraces helping those in need, the College of Education started a winter clothing drive to collect materials needed to help keep these students warm and safe. The drive is continuing through February 15th, but items that were already donated were delivered this week due to the recent cold temperatures. With multiple coats, hats, scarves, and gloves already donated, Marquette’s College of Education is excited to see what other items will be donated and how we can continue to be the difference within our community.

If you are willing and able to help out but cannot make it to campus to drop off any donations, please view Penfield Montessori’s Amazon Wishlist for items you can buy and have automatically shipped to the school!


Getting to Know Our Students: Meet Hannah Jablonowski

This year, we are spending time getting to know our students! You can get to know more of our students and our faculty/ staff on previous posts. Read on to meet Hannah, one of our current freshmen!

44920429_918894458308613_3681967040706379776_nMy name is Hannah Jablonowski. I am a freshman double majoring in Educational Studies and Psychology. I was born and raised right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee is a beautiful city, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. I come from a big family with my parents, two older sisters, and one older brother. My dad and brother graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, which makes the Marquette vs. Wisconsin basketball game very interesting at my house! My mom is a Marquette alum, and one of my sisters is a current junior in the College of Nursing. My oldest sister graduated from Loyola University of Chicago. I also have over 30 cousins!

My favorite educational experience has been volunteering at Highland Community School throughout my first semester at Marquette. Every week, I volunteered for two hours after my classes. I was placed in the after-school program for two- to three-year-olds. It has been my favorite educational experience because although I will not be pursuing that path as an educator, I loved helping out and teaching the children new games every week.

This summer, I am going to be a SPARK and Orientation Leader for the class of 2023! Specifically, I get to represent the College of Ed and meet the incoming students. Throughout high school, I was very involved with leadership activities and engaging with new students and families. I am very excited to continue to strengthen my leadership skills, as well as meet the new Freshmen class.

As I previously stated earlier, I come from a big family. I am the eighteenth family member to attend Marquette. I have been very familiar with this university for my whole life, and I knew that it would be the perfect fit for me. I love the smaller school environment and family feel that Marquette has. I have wanted to work in a school ever since I could remember. Three of my aunts, all Marquette alumni, are teachers. I have grown up watching them change the lives of their students and knew I wanted to do the same. Also, the majority of teachers I have had are Marquette alums. They are fantastic teachers and I knew that if I were to attend Marquette, I would be in good hands.

In my free time, I love practicing yoga, especially with my mom. I have been practicing yoga for nine years. My favorite part of yoga is that each practice is different. Somedays it can be difficult, but other days it can be the complete opposite. I also love how individualized yoga is. It is a different experience for everyone. Life can be busy and stressful, so yoga is my favorite way to unwind and relax! For anyone who is interested in yoga, find the nearest studio and go to a beginner class. I could not recommend yoga enough!

My mom is my biggest inspiration. Working as a NICU Nurse at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and raising my siblings and me she is someone I look up to and strive to be like one day. She has always encouraged me to be the best version of myself and to work as hard as I can. My mom helps change lives every day, and I knew I wanted to do the same. She is the most selfless, kind, caring, and hard-working person I know. She is a constant reminder of who I want to be one day.

At Marquette Basketball games, I love being as close to the court as possible! I go to as many games as I can, and I love cheering loud for the basketball teams. My friends and I always are dancing, singing, and jumping around and love being on the Jumbotron. If you find yourself at a Marquette game, keep an eye out for my friends and me!

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