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Getting to Know Dr. Mary Carlson

The Graduation Doris 20160522_115635College of Education is excited to continue allowing students to better know its faculty and staff. Dr. Mary Carlson is a Clinical Assistant Professor for the Department of Educational and Policy Leadership (EDPL) in the College. We interviewed Dr. Carlson so that our students can learn more about her!

Where did you grow up? How long have you lived in Milwaukee?

I grew up in West Bend, WI. I went to UWM for my undergrad and grad degrees, returned to West Bend to teach, then moved to Milwaukee about 35 years ago.

Teaching is something that is very dear to you. What is your favorite educational experience?

It’s a tie between dissecting cow eyes with high schoolers and teaching children to read.

Sounds like you’ve had some exciting past experiences! What do you see as an exciting opportunity for this upcoming academic year

The first exciting opportunity would be working with Amy Van Hecke from the Psychology department and Wendy Krueger from the Speech/Language Pathology department to develop a college support program for MU students on the autism spectrum. The second exciting opportunity would be working with those same faculty and Dr. Walker-Dalhouse from the Education department to offer the MUSCLES summer literacy and social skills camp for 6-10 year-olds with autism (pending funding, and God willing).

Those do sound like really exciting opportunities! Who is the inspiration for your passion?

My first-grade teacher, Sr. Marianella, several high school teachers, St. Brigid of Ireland, St. Catherine of Sienna, Blessed Julian of Norwich, Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, Jane Addams, Ignacio-Martin-Baro (one of the Jesuit martyrs), Paulo Feire, Mary Ainsworth, Albert Bandura, Sister Monica Fumo and Susan Henzig, Rueben and Mildred Harpole, Shirley Chisholm, Verdia Moore (my first co-op in college), Jaime Escalante, Jonathan Kozol, many of my college professors, the humanists, my family, my students, and my colleagues.

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