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Getting to Know Our Students: Maya Kolatorowicz

This year, we are spending time getting to know our students! You can get to know more of our students and our faculty/ staff on previous posts. Read on to meet Maya, one of our current freshmen!

Educator PicMy name is Maya Kolatorowicz, and I am from Westchester, Illinois – a suburb about twenty-five minutes west of Chicago. I have loved living in and exploring Milwaukee over these past seven months, but one thing I still know for sure is that the Bears will always be better than the Packers and the Cubs better than the Brewers!

My family is, without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was adopted from India at age one, and I am the only child of two amazing and loving parents. I am also blessed to be a cousin to 32 others – and counting! Many members of my family – my parents, several aunts, and a now even some cousins – once were, still are, or are currently studying to become teachers. To teach is a calling, and to dedicate oneself to teaching is a genuine vocation. For me, to teach is also to join a community of teachers that have surrounded me throughout my life, guiding me and shaping the person that I am. As a freshman in Marquette University’s College of Education, studying Elementary / Middle Education, I feel humbled and excited to officially join this community of teachers, and I cannot wait to inspire and to be inspired by my students.

Attending Marquette University continues my Catholic education, as I attended both a Catholic grade school and high school in the suburbs of Chicago. As I think back on my favorite educational experience, the first thing that comes to mind is my time in high school. My entire high school educational experience was unique and one that I remember fondly because I went to an all-girls high school – Trinity High School, in River Forest, Illinois. My educational experience at Trinity High School holds a special place in my heart because of the incredible spirit, supportive classmates, and hardworking teachers. Trinity always reminded me that, as an empowered woman, I can and I will become a leader who, through word and action, changes the world for the good. There is no slowing down in sight, as Marquette University builds on the call that I received from Trinity High School, reminding me to be the difference. As I engage in more eye-opening educational opportunities, such as serving as a teacher’s assistant as a part of service learning in the schools, I hope to fulfill this call – inspiring and being inspired by all of the students who bring so many important gifts to the classroom.

Here at Marquette, I look forward to perfecting the Spanish language as I take on Spanish as a second major. In my life, I desire to use the skill of speaking another language to break down barriers and build bridges between communities – advocating for justice and inclusion. On a smaller scale, I plan on continuing to regularly take the yoga sculpt class here at Marquette, because doing so reminds me of the utmost importance of caring for my body and spirit so that I can reach my fullest potential and therefore help others to reach their own. I also hope to get involved in some type of musical group at Marquette, as I find so much joy in singing and know that singing has the potential to bring joy to others, as well. In the future, I also want to prioritize my participation in service experiences that will allow me to grow in relationship with the larger community of Milwaukee.

I know that Marquette University has so much to offer me, and I could not be more excited to fully immerse myself in the community and spirit that Marquette University is. I am incredibly happy and sincerely blessed to be able to call Marquette University home for the college years ahead and for many more years to come.


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