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Getting to Know Our Students: Meet Claire Bernatz

This year, we are spending time getting to know our students! You can get to know more of our students and our faculty/ staff on previous posts. Read on to meet Claire, one of our current upperclassment!

claireHello, my name is Claire Bernatz and I am studying Secondary Education and Broad Field Science with a minor in Music and Biology. I am currently a Junior, meaning I’m going on year four of living in Milwaukee. I grew up all over the country, but I like to say Houston, Texas, is home. My family includes my mom, Lynn, my dad, Fritz, and younger sister, Emma. My Dad graduated from Case University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and my Mom graduated from Ohio University with a BA in International Studies. My sister is currently a freshman at A&M University pursuing a BA in Psychology. My family has instilled a competitive spirit within me, because whenever I am home, we make sure to set time aside to play a board game.  

One of my favorite times at Marquette was studying abroad in Italy. For this class I brought my oboe across the Atlantic and played with some of the best musicians Italy had to offer in concerts around the peninsula. It was definitely hard having such a quick turnaround for preparing pieces and traveling ever three to four days, however playing in ancient ruins, or in theaters older than the United States was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. I made some of my best friends on that trip, and I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.  

Something I am super excited about this year is being a part of the pep band. Within the pep band program, I get to go to all the volleyball games and perform at Men’s and Women’s basketball games. Luckily this year both of our teams are doing fantastic, and I will be able to travel with them to Big East tournament. Hopefully (knock on wood), the teams will also make it far in the NCAA tournament where I will also be able to travel with them and give them the most support possible.  

Besides the basketball, there was a lot of reasons I chose Marquette to be my home for four years. Milwaukee is a wonderful city in which to spend your early adulthood. There are endless things to do, and it is the perfect size. Being able to get across the city either by foot, bus, or car makes the entire city accessible from the moment you step on campus. As for Marquette, it too is the perfect size. I never had classes that were over 120 students, and now that I’m getting into my upper division, the class sizes are small and are all still taught by the professor instead of a teaching assistant. The opportunities that Marquette offers was one of the biggest draws for me. What drew me to teaching and to the College of Education is my passion for discovery. I knew that Marquette would offer me the challenge and knowledge needed to be a successful teacher, and that drive is what lead me to teaching.  

When I’m not in the classroom, what takes up most of my time is band. I am the principle chair oboe player in the Wind Ensemble, I play piano for the Jazz Band, and alto saxophone for the Pep Band. If I’m not at Varsity theater you can find me on the Marquette Club Quidditch team. Quidditch is a co-ed full contact sport. However, due to injury, I am taking this semester off. To fill that gap of time I am actively going to yoga classes and attempting stand-up comedy. Marquette offers any hobby or club you can think of. So even if you curious about something, just go to the meeting and find out more about it.!

I get a lot of my inspiration from the younger generation. Even though I am only 21, I feel the potential for the younger generation to succeed and be better than me is overwhelmingly positive. I want to do everything in my power to be great so that I can give that younger generation everything they need to be able to change the world and have the skills to be better than the people before them. They are the future, and I want my future to be bright.  

Something that motivates me every day is the phrase “Do Good, Be Good” so I hope you find something that encourages you to do something good for the world today!  

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