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Getting to Know Heather Wolfgram

Heather Wolfgram joined Marquette University and the College of Education as a Director of Development in November of 2018. With several years of exerience in development on behalf of nonprofit organizations, Heather is ready to to advance the mission of both the college and the university. Read on to get to know Heather, and check out the rest of our series getting to know faculty, staff, and students!

IMG_9016 I’m originally from Big Bend, WI, and I’ve been back in Milwaukee for five years. My family is BIG and very close. All of my extended family still gets together for every holiday. My immediate family gets together almost every Sunday for dinner. Kids and dogs are welcome.

I have my Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota. I absolutely loved the experience. I learned so much and had the opportunity to build what I think is a really broad skillset. As a social worker I’m drawn to community organizers like Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama. Grassroots community organizing can be incredibly impactful. I’ve always been passionate about higher education and life-long learning. Marquette offered me an opportunity to make education accessible (through donor-funded scholarships) to those who might not have thought it was possible. I also really admire the Jesuit commitment to service and giving back to the community. As I move into my new role, I’m excited about partnering with Dean Henk to build the College of Education Leadership Council.

When not at work, I’m an avid cyclist. I love the combination of being outside, being social, and contributing to my health. When I moved back to Milwaukee, I joined a female cycling club called the Bella Donnas/Cadence. These are some of the most supportive, compassionate, and welcoming women I have ever met. Many of them have become close friends and will likely lead to life-long friendships. I would encourage any women who are cyclists or interested in becoming cyclists to ride with Cadence this spring/summer.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Marquette family and I look forward to learning everything I can about the College of Education.

The College of Education provides outstanding academic programs, generates nationally recognized research, and engages in significant community outreach. With the assistance of those who believe deeply in the importance of schooling and mental health across the spectrum, we can be more impactful in all of these social justice pursuits. To contribute to scholarships or community outreach endeavors, contact Heather Wolfgram today! 


Ever the Teachers: Kay and Ron Zupko

By Bill Henk — Last Saturday I enjoyed the distinct honor of introducing Kay Zupko, a longtime first grade teacher at MPS’s Lloyd Street School.  My remarks occurred at an honorary brunch that was part of this year’s Alumni Weekend.  As a prelude to my introduction, I had the opportunity to talk about education and scholarships — two topics that are near and dear to my heart.

Those topics are obviously also near and dear to the hearts of Kay and her husband, Dr. Ron Zupko, a retired faculty member who taught at Marquette from 1966 to 2006.  The brunch followed an exceptional guest lecture Ron delivered beforehand, one for which he was extremely well known while serving on the faculty. Continue reading ‘Ever the Teachers: Kay and Ron Zupko’

A Thank You(Tube) Scholarship Video

By Bill Henk — An earlier Marquette Educator post noted the vital importance of scholarships to college students in our Milwaukee region.  Now here’s a YouTube video showing the gratitude some recipients of that generosity feel.

Three of our MU students, Kevin Bubolz, David Fornetti, and Kyle Willkom, who go by the name “The Spanish ODonnells” have put together some purely comical rap-style videos in the past.  This time around they worked with some folks at the university to produce yet another funny video entitled “Financial Aid,” but the message of this effort is more thoughtful.

The video is set to the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ tune, Free Fallin,’ and the lyrics are clever.  I mean, who would think to rhyme “gracious” and “St. Ignatius?”

By the way, the hook is “Donors, Thank You!” The video knows exactly how to appeal to alums when it says, “At one point you were in our shoes.”   Anyway, I love the ending line…”Even if you give a little, it helps a lot.”

And no, I have no clue what the group’s name means, and yes, most of our students will already have seen the video thanks to social media.

Anyway, I hope anyone new to the video will like it.

But first let me quickly give a scholarship-related shout out to our Graduate Student Organization (GSO) in the Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology.    This year the GSO raised enough money through its Diversity Gala to endow its own scholarship — a goal they’ve pursued in earnest for a number of years!  Now the group can award a scholarship every year to a CECP graduate student whose presence enriches our diversity.  My hope is that there is a generous donor out there who will be impressed enough to match the accomplishment of this dedicated student group! 

OK, at long last, here’s the Spanish O’Donnells’ video:    

You’re Invited! Diversity Gala at Milwaukee Public Museum

In Human Diversity Lies the Creativity of GodWant to make a difference in the lives of students?

Consider attending our annual Diversity Gala at the Milwaukee Public Museum!

This formal celebration of culture and diversity offers a unique opportunity to create connections within the community and show your support for diversity in the mental health profession.  Organized and initiated by the Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology graduate student organization, the Diversity Gala is a fund-raising event supporting the endowment of the CECP Diversity Scholarship, an award presented to to selected counseling students who come from culturally diverse backgrounds.

This year’s Gala will be held on April 17, 2010 from 6 p.m.-11 p.m.
Tickets are $40 per person or $300 for a table of 8.

The ticket price include hors d’oevres, dinner, and dessert.   Feast on a delicious selection of passed hors d’oeuvres while you peruse the Streets of Old Milwaukee, the European Village, Costa Rican Rainforest, and Third Planet Earth.  Then sit down to enjoy dinner and a selection of wonderful desserts.

A keynote address will be presented by Christopher Boston, Director of Sustainable Communities at the Local Initiatives Support Corporation in Milwaukee.  The Gala will also feature a silent auction, with proceeds benefitting the Diversity Scholarship. Attire is semi-formal.

Reservations must be made on or before Friday, April 2, 2010. Regretfully, late requests cannot be accommodated. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an e-ticket confirmation of your reservation for the evening.

For more information regarding the venue, please visit  To purchase tickets or obtain additional information, please contact Brittany Gresl, Social Events Chair, at

Show Students the Money! Their College Educations Hang in the Balance

Sorry for the harshness of the title.  But when it comes to the urgent need of so many deserving college students  for scholarship support, the crass statement of the Rod Tidwell character in the sports movie, Jerry Maguire, might actually be appropriate.

What’s the Problem?

Just last week I read about the cost of a college education in our region.  All of the local institutions of higher education were listed along with the cost of  their tuition and the average debt that graduates accrue while enrolled.  The numbers were sobering to me, and I’m someone with who has an insider’s view of how much it costs to run a high quality university, especially a private one.

At MU and all of our local institutions, we genuinely bend over backward to make a college education affordable.  I know that at Marquette the amount of tuition we forgo to make coming here and staying in school possible for our students is jaw-dropping.   And to anyone who mistakenly thinks our local universities have deep pockets or are wasteful, trust me — we run ULTRA lean.

Let me cut to the chase. Students represent the lifeblood of any great university, and Marquette is no exception. They are our essential reason for being.

Unfortunately, in these challenging economic times, many of our remarkable MU students, and college students at all our local institutions for that matter, face the prospect of delaying or terminating their education. Sad to say, they simply don’t have the resources to continue. Continue reading ‘Show Students the Money! Their College Educations Hang in the Balance’

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