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My Very Own Schools of Rock

By Bill Henk – No one will ever accuse me of being a connoisseur of fine films.  Let’s just say that too many of my favorites have Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey cast in them.  Another “actor” who cracks me up is Jack Black, and the star-turn he took in “School of Rock” ranks as a classic in my book.

Look, I realize that the film is not exactly a triumph of cinematography, acting prowess, and screen writing, but it’s a cute, funny story set in a school.  And I’m pretty much a sucker for movies  that somehow connect with education regardless of the age level of the students or the type of film  — everything from Kindergarten Cop through Dead Poets Society.

Briefly, for the uninitiated, School of Rock is the story of a rock musician, Dewey Finn, who gets kicked out of his band for being too over the top.   Desperate for money to pay his rent, he pretends to be his roommate Ned who’s a substitute teacher, so he can take a short-term job in a prestigious prep school.  When he gets there, he realizes that rock music is the only topic  he knows well enough to teach the kids.

Although the kids are stiff, some have genuine musical talent, and Dewey sets up an entire rock and roll curriculum where every student takes on a role for a touring band.  Of course, much of the fun is in Dewey trying to hide the unorthodox things he’s doing from the school mistress, Ms. Mullins, and the rest of the teachers. The transformation of the kids into gifted mini-rockers that win a battle of the bands becomes the plot of the story.

But let’s move on to MY Schools of Rock.  I promise to return to the movie at the end, and pull together why it’s a nice fit with our education blog.

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What Was I Thinking? My Excruciating Summerfest “Teaching” Reminder

By Bill Henk — NOTE TO SELF…Never ever ever forget what it’s like to be a teacher.

What prompted this newly sworn, perpetual oath to be taken by this veteran Education dean?  Well, let me tell you.

It started with a request last week from my daughter’s daycare for permission to attend Summerfest on “Children’s Day.” From noon until 3:00, there would be free admission, lots of special attractions, and cut-rate deals on  products, activities, and refreshments.  Sounds pretty much like a no-brainer, right?

Maybe so, but not if you’re a chaperone of four-year old children — on a school bus from Hades or on the people-packed grounds of a major summer festival.  Let’s just say that I seriously misgauged what I had agreed to do. Continue reading ‘What Was I Thinking? My Excruciating Summerfest “Teaching” Reminder’

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