Embracing the Unknown

iStock_000003898245XSmall_crop380w_crop380wBy Anna Concannon — As the new school year quickly approaches, I am beginning to realize how old I am.

I’m going to start my junior year of college. I’m about to move into my first apartment. I’m turning 21 in two months. I have three semesters of classes remaining before I start student teaching.

Two years ago, I entered college feeling scared about what was to come. Just four short years ago, I began thinking about college, feeling more freaked out than ever and not knowing what I wanted to study!

The past few years have gone by so quickly. I am getting older. But that’s life! I couldn’t be more excited about what this year has to hold for me.

I am starting a new job at the Service Learning Office. Through that job, I’ll meet new people, become more involved in the school and community, and acquire new skills that can improve my work ethic. I’ll be taking more education methods classes, many of which are very interesting to me, like Teaching Elementary Science and Math.

Yes, I am still a little apprehensive about the future. However, I learned from my trip to South Africa that I can’t be afraid of what is to come; rather, I need to embrace the unknown. So as I begin to gather my school supplies and prepare for the new school year, I have come to realize that I cannot wait for it to begin.

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